Service as Action

Due Dates for Service as Action for 2021-2022

Feel Worksheet- October 29

Imagine Worksheet- December 10

Do Worksheet- April 8 (this is also when your service hours should be complete)

Share Worksheet- May 13

Here are some resources to help you.  (You may need to be logged in to your student email in order to access them.) 

Video Instructions for our Service as Action process this year
Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) about service

video explaining service as action

Through Service as Action, students can have experiences that help to develop their awareness of the lives of others. Oakwood encourages students to immerse themselves in their communities and experience links between school, home and the community.  As part of our IB program, students must participate in Service as Action experiences, and complete planning and reflection activities relating to their service.  These worksheets are turned in via Canvas.. Checkpoints will be held throughout the year, but ultimately, it is the responsibility of the individual child to complete and document all Service as Action hours.  Our district requires students to complete 15 hours of Service as Action.  

The word “Service” suggests an action resulting in a benefit.  When considering which activities to pursue, think about whether someone will be benefiting from your assistance, what kind of interaction will occur, and how that will build or support a community.  Finally, consider whether you will have an increased understanding or insight as a result of your service.

For questions about service, please contact Mrs. White, IB Coordinator:

Here is an introductory video your student(s) viewed that helps explain Service as Action in the MYP:

Screenshot of YouTUbe video